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Benefits of Purchasing an Auto Insurance

Many would have doubts why we need auto insurance? The answer is very simple. Vehicle insurance is very vital and is mandatory by law as driving your vehicle around India without valid car insurance is illegal. Even in case of accident or death or damage to any third party, this auto insurance policy offers you compensation of up to Rs 1 or 2 lakhs. The third party vehicle insurance  protects not only you but also it protects other people or family members who may be driving the vehicle. The comprehensive auto insurance protects your vehicle from any natural calamities as well as man made attacks along with to third party’s damages or claims.

Auto insurance offers great benefit during the crisis time as it saves you from the major losses occurred by the accident, avoiding you from paying lot of bucks from your pocket. Following are the main benefits that you can avoid that you get by auto insurance.

Offers Payment for Stolen Car

It would be very difficult and sometimes even a big NO to affordoney to purchase a new car when your old car is stolen by someone. You would be not able to recover from that loss for many days.  So taking comprehensive auto insurance in such case helps you a lot. If you have financed your vehicle, then your lender will ask for your insurance policy. Generally, the insurance coverage will  not pay for your brand-new car but will reimburse you totally for the current value of the stolen vehicle.

Pays for Animal Collisions

Taking a comprehensive insurance policy will cover the damage due to collision from animals. This coverage will include the crushed fender, dented hood and broken windshield,. The usual culprits are moose deer, or even livestock.

Payment for Flood Damage

Floods can not only create severe damage to upholstery but also to the major mechanical parts of the vehicle. So securing your vehicle with auto insurance policy will claim even for those with moderate or low risk of flooding.

Payment for Weather Damage

By taking the auto insurance policy, the company will provide you a check even for the parts of your car that are damaged by the wind or any worst weather conditions. This actually includes tornado effect or golf balls or rocks carried by wind and smashing your vehicle miles away.

Payment for Fire Damage

If your vehicle suffer with any roadside fires like, then insurance company will help you put. Problems caused by pile-ups or by any falling tree branches or trivial as vandalism are also covered by auto insurance.

However, before you buy your auto insurance, it’s better to consult any insurance agent and to ask him whether their policy covers all these above given accidents.