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Best Guide for Car Stereo Buying

What are the parameters you should consider while buying your first car stereo system?  The first aspect is safety. The sound system should be ambient and non-distracting while driving. The second parameter is to surround sound effects. Some of the others are radio, GPS, playback, smartphone compatibility, touch-screen options, etc.  You need to compare the features of at least three or more products before choosing the best that is compatible with your specific needs. So, the first step is listing your needs in a notepad.  


Sound Effects

 The speaker selection is very important to ensure quality sound without noise. Observe the peak wattage rating, consistency in sound dispersion, amplifier quality, subwoofer design, and the compactness of the speaker unit. They should be easy to install on any location in your car, including the front and rear doors. Make sure the max volume is within your safety limits without causing headache and disturbance while driving. 

Scalable Options 

The stereo system should be scalable with options for USB ports, free speaker ports, and inbuilt system for video compatibility. You can upgrade the accessories and external devices with the same stereo system. SIRI and Google app compatibility (for speech recognition) is very important for instant music, video, and radio-station selection through voice commands. You can keep your hands free for driving. The extra number of input and output jacks make the car stereo compatible with the latest multimedia gadgets. 

Radio and Phone 

Having an inbuilt FM radio and Smartphone connectivity lets you listen to channels and speak to friends. Many of the systems can connect to the local, national, and worldwide radio systems through Smartphone support and connectivity. The microphone on the system will also allow you to speak on the phone while driving.

Display and Control 

The display unit may have customized or generic menu systems. They will give you the options to choose from a list of available features. You can choose the channels, musical album or a specific number, artist, genre, and the other features from the menu options. Such a system is worth your long-term investments. 

Playback System

 The system should preferably have a record and playback facility for the different types of online radio. It should also have compatibility with the videos and graphics playback with a smart display option on the system. It could be relatively expensive than the standard car star stereo. But it is worth your investment in enjoying your journey with your family and friends…

Internet Connectivity 

 A car stereo with an internet connection can give you plenty of options to choose from. SIRI supported channel selection allows you to access MP3, MP4, and other types of media from the sites’ download options. You can save them into the stereo’s permanent storage device and play it whenever needed. Wi-Fi is the most commonly available feature with the maximum bandwidth. 

Aesthetic Designs

 Exterior design, color, and the design of controls and display units are the key aesthetic aspects of your car stereo. Make sure you choose the best that is compatible with your car’s interior designs.